vrij 12.02 Productora | Wonne Ickx, Carlos Bedoya

PRODUCTORA is a Mexico City based office founded in 2006. Its founding members are Abel Perles (1972, Argentina), Carlos Bedoya (1973, Mexico), Victor Jaime (1978, Mexico), and Wonne Ickx (1974, Belgium). Their individual educational backgrounds and professional experiences give the studio a diverse approach to each assignment. PRODUCTORA develops its ideas through intuitive explorations and continuous production rather than adherence to an established strategy of development. Therefore, the name PRODUCTORA, which is Spanish for producer or production company and indicates continuous production as a testing method.

The office is realizing a variety of projects in Mexico and abroad (Asia, South America) ranging from single family dwellings to office or public buildings. PRODUCTORA’s work is published nationally and internationally and the office engages continuously in national and international competitions. They were winners of the Young Architect’s Forum, organized by the Architectural League in New York (2007) and their work was presented on the 2nd architectural Biennale in Beijing (2006), the 44 Young Architect?s exhibition in Barcelona, Spain (2007) and the Venice Biennale in Italy (2008). PRODUCTORA was selected by Herzog & de Meuron as one of the architectural studios to build a villa for the Ordos100 Project in Inner Mongolia, China and won the International Competition for the CAF Headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela in collaboration with Lucio Muniain (2008).


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