KoeRator: 06.03 Tickle Your Catastrophe, 09.03 Willem Jan Neutelings


06.03 : Tickle you Catastrophe (VOORUIT , gratis!)

“Whereas the twentieth century was dominated by political extremism and (coping with) trauma, it is the fear of the inevitable and complete catastrophe that reigns at the beginning of a new century.”

met onder andere : om 9h30 Dirk De Meyer (Ravishing Ruins), om 13h30 Lieven De Cauter (The Mad Max of Globalisation)

09.03 : Willem Jan Neutelings: Architecture for the Cultural Industry (BOZAR, 18h45, gratis!)

afspraak om 18h45 aan de inkom van de Bozar. reservatie: mail dlk@ugent.be

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